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"CRYSTAL RADIOS & Spark Gap Transmitters" Built to Order by Airwave Explorer

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These are a sample of some of the Crystal Radios I build. My Father and Uncle had a shop in Jackson, Michigan from 1919 until 1929. They designed and built custom Crystal Radios to sell. I am attempting to relive those Golden Times & Days of Radio by following in their footsteps. I have been a Ham Radio Operator for over 50 years now. This has given me the experience to handbuild these radios. I am trying to follow the schematics and designs my Father used. I use as many vintage parts as I can. I try to always use old tongue and groove & dove tail, boxes. I test and "Pot" my own crystals. I can build you a radio per your specifications or mine. Using your box or mine.

Contact Me

FAX # 707-516-7275

Roger Horton Amateur Radio Operator "K8CIX"