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"CRYSTAL RADIOS" Built to Order

Coming soon, NEW Short Wave Crystal Receivers. Email me if you have a special radio you want built.

The Continental Flyer Model,Broadcast and Shortwave radio, 2 bands, Sold.
The Variwave Model,Broadcast and Shortwave radio, 2 bands, plug in coils, Sold.
The Globe Scanner, Model,Broadcast and Shortwave radio, 3 bands, sold.
The Surveyor, Model,Sold w/headphones.
The Bedside Companion, Model,w/headphones. Sold
The Grandpa's Parlor Radio, Model,  Sold w/Headphones.
The Bread Board, Model,  Sold.
The Camper Model,  Sold.
Grandpas Favorite,  Sold.
The Grandpas Favorite #2, Model,  Sold.
The Backpacker, Model,  Sold.
Original Ultimate, Sold.
Wave Trap-Crystal Set, Sold.
Junior-Crystal Set, Sold.

This ain't the End, man, more crystal sets are coming.