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"Built to order by, AIRWAVE EXPLORER LABS"

Come visit the Airwave Explore Laboratory!!

These are a sample of some of the Crystal Radios I build. My Father and Uncle had a shop in Jackson, Michigan from 1919 until 1929. They designed and built custom Crystal Radios to sell. I am attempting to relive those Golden Times & Days of Radio by following in their footsteps. I have been a Ham Radio Operator for over 65 years now. This has given me the experience to hand build these radios. I am trying to follow the schematics and designs my Father used. I use as many vintage parts as I can. I try to always use old tongue and groove, box joint, finger joint and dove tail boxes. I test and "Pot" my own crystals. I can build you a radio per your specifications or mine. Using your box or mine. These spark gap transmitters are meant to be for display. Not to be connected to an antenna or ground and operated. It is illegal to operate a spark gap transmitter. I accept, PAY PAL, checks, or Money Orders. So light up that old oil lamp, put on your headphones and travel back in time to the Golden Age of Radio.

"The "Super Explore". This is a very sensitive and selective, Crystal Radio. Cabinet is 5/8" solid wood. Radio has vintage parts, variable inductance, wavetrap and cover the B/C band from 300 KHz to 2500 KHz. Price is $325 and includes shipping and insurance. "

"The "Little Boy", is a very sensitive Crystal Radio. Cabinet has hinged top. and has vintage parts and a sliding inductor above tune knob for coverage below and above the Broadcast Band. Price is $90 including shipping and insurance, "

"The "Wave Raker". This is a super sensitive and selective Crystal Radio, special build. Vintage parts, 1 variometer, 1 variocoupler. Vintage tuning condenser, binding posts, knobs and buss wiring throughout. Has 2 detector posts on panel for either crystal diode or outboard detector, included. Beautiful radio, beautiful panel and gorgeous vintage cabinet. Cabinet has hinged top. Radio has antenna tuner and wavetrap. $365.00 includes shipping and insurance. "

"Complete Spark Gap Station. $750 plus shipping. Does not include or need the ant. tuner between the transmitter and receiver"


Custom Build

"Night Scanner", Crystal Radio, built for John, N3EHL."

Custom Build

"New, 50KV Spark Gap Transmitter for sale Demo only, no ant. or grd. is allowed by FCC. Sold to ALEX"

Spark Gap Xmtr, 50KV

"Dodd Vintage Crystal Radio, built for Jim, N0XE."

Custom Build

"201A vintage 1 tube amp., built for Jim, N0XE."

Custom Build

"Cohere Receiver built for Jim in New York."

Custom Build

"Ducretet Crystal Radio, French, reproduction, ordered by Neil K8RX"

Ducretet crystal receiver reproduction (1923) : Precision made Oudin system with 2 sets of rotary contacts. French-polished walnut case. Ebonite front panel. Nickeled brass fittings. The crystal detector is a robust military type already in use during World War I . Eugčne Ducretet was a pioneer of Wireless in France and all apparatus made his company are very much sought after.

"Crystal Radio going to John in Australia"

Custom built crystal radio w/ headphones &, amp..going to John in Australia

Example of a Custom Built Spark Gap Transmitter"

An example of the spark gap transmitters I have built over the years--Not for Sale


Excellent High Power Rotary Spark Gap. Beautiful Rotary Spark Gap. This is powered by a Thomas A. Edison Company of Orange, N.J.,  Motor. This motor is either A/C or D/C and is switched by a switch mounted at the rear of the motor assembly near the speed governor. SOLD,SOLD


CRYSTAL RADIO, "THE STAR" Excellent crystal radio with catwhisker and fixed detector. Hi-Z and Lo-Z coupling of link to tank. SOLD--SOLD.

Beautiful ca.1919 Excellent working crystal radio. Variable link coupling. Panel hinges up to inspect the buss wiring and circuit components. SOLD--SOLD.)!


Beautiful ca.1919 Excellent working crystal radio. Variable link coupling. Panel hinges up to inspect the buss wiring and circuit components. SOLD--SOLD.)!


Beautiful ca.1919 Iron filing Cohere, Dark Marble top with green felt bottom, wooden base, space adjusting knob,SOLD

Latest addition to the Crystal Radio Receivers, Sold.

"The MAGIC BOX, Crystal Radio, Covers AM Broadcast Band" Sold to Grover K7TP

Ca. 1919 Galena Crystal Radio. Excellent variable coupled crystal radio with a wave-trap.  Also incorporates a fixed detector for those not wanting to look for the Hot Spot on the crystal.  Excellent sensitivity and selectivity.SOLD TO GEORGE IN RUSSIA

"Custom Radio going to George in Moscow, Russia"

"Custom Radio going to Jan, N5YPK"

Custom built for Jan, N5YPK